ISO File Windows 7, Create DVD & Activate Windows 7 Legally

If you are using various available versions of Windows 7 Operating System viz.Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium,Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Ultimate on your Desktop/Laptop/Netbook

windows 7
Than, you can easily Download Windows 7 ISO Image File and create your ownWindows 7 Retail Disc (DVD)! Even you can also activate it LEGALLY, if you have aGenuine Windows 7 Product Key!
Following are the 3 Very IMPORTANT steps in this guide, which you should follow in order to Download and Create ISO File of Windows 7 [All Version] & Activate Windows 7 without calling Microsoft:

1. Download Windows 7 ISO File

No matter which version of Windows 7 viz. Windows 7 Starter Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition or Windows 7 Ultimate you are using, we will be downloading aCommon Windows 7 ISO Image File and will than remove the Edition Configuration File (EI.cfg) from this ISO, so that it becomes a Universal Windows 7 Installer ISO Image File!
Following are the links for Downloading ISO Image File of Windows 7 (x86) or (x64) in English Language:
Download Windows 7 x86 ISO in English:
Download Windows 7 x64 ISO in English:
  • digitalrivercontent is an Official Microsoft Distributor Website. All the above mentioned links are completely clean and the ISO file is safe to download
  • x86 stands for 32-bit version of Windows 7 Operating System, while x64 stands for 64-bit version of Windows 7 Operating System
  • Depending on your preferred version (x86 or x64), you have to download any oneISO File either from Mirror 1 or Mirror 2 – There’s NO need to download both of them
  • Make use of Third Party Software like DownThemAll! or Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) for downloading any of the above mentioned files. These files are very large (in GBs) and may not get fully downloaded using Browser’s Inbuilt Download Manager
Once you have downloaded the appropriate ISO File, proceed to the next step which helps in removing Edition Configuration File (EI.cfg) from the downloaded Windows 7 ISO File.

2. Remove Edition Configuration (EI.cfg) File from Windows 7 ISO

A simplified definition of Edition Configuration File (EI.cfg) is as follows (as taken fromOfficial Microsoft TechNet Website):
The edition configuration file (EI.cfg) determines what edition of Windows to install and what license to use during Windows Setup
You have to remove EI.cfg file from the ISO you just downloaded. For this you have to Download EI.CFG Removal Utility ( from here – You can also make use of THIS DIRECT LINK
Run eicfg_remover.exe and the utility will ask for the Location of Windows 7 ISO File you just downloaded using the above mentioned step:
eicfg remover windows 7
After you properly select the ISO File, you will get a successful confirmation message from the program: ei.cfg removed:
eicfg removed
One thing which is to be mentioned about this utility is that, it also RESTORES EI.cfg File again in the ISO, using the same steps mentioned just above – Though this is not necessary here in this guide!
Why it’s necessary to remove EI.cfg from ISO File?
When you Remove EI.cfg from the ISO File you downloaded, the ISO File will act as aUniversal Windows 7 Installer for all versions. Now this Universal Windows 7 Installer ISO will Install the version of Windows 7 for which you have LEGIT PRODUCT KEY.
This means, if you have LEGAL Product Key for Windows 7 Home Premium, than this Installer will ONLY Install Windows 7 Home Premium on your Desktop/Laptop/Notebook – Though the ISO File also contains all necessary files and features meant for all other versions of Windows 7!
As soon as you have removed the EI.cfg file using the above utility, you can finally burn/write the ISO File on a DVD using softwares likeAshampooNeroRoxio etc.

3. Activating Windows without calling Microsoft

Update: Many users are experiencing errors because of type of Windows 7 OEM that came pre-installed with their Computer. Refer THIS POST, if you are experiencing any errors while using ABR Software
When you install/re-install Windows 7 on your Desktop/Laptop/Netbook, everytime you have to call Microsoft in order to Activate your copy of Windows 7 even if it’s LEGIT! In this step we will Backup the Current Windows 7 Activation File using a simple utility, so that there’s NO need to Call Microsoft when you Install/Re-Install Windows 7 on your machine.
For backing up your Current Windows 7 Activation, download a utility known as ABR (Activation Backup & Restore) (currently in BETA for Windows 7, but it works without any problem) from HERE. Now run ABRbeta.exe and Extract it’s content somewhere safe on your Hard Drive >> Run activation_backup.exe which is present in the folder you just extracted >> The program will display all necessary information in Command Prompt (cmd) and will create 2 files viz. backup-key.txt and backup-cert.xrm-ms. Save these 2 files on a USB Pen Drive, DVD etc.:
windows 7 activation backup
Boot your Computer using your NEW Windows 7 Universal Installer DVD and Install/Re-Install it. Now run the activation-restore.exe and it will restore Windows 7 Activation and you needn’t call Microsoft at all!
Backing up Activation File of Windows 7 is very useful to those who have gotOEM/Factory Installed version of Windows 7 on their Desktop/Laptop/Netbook. Under OEM/Factory Installed Version of Windows 7, most of the time, Manufacturer company don’t provide Installation Disk of Windows 7 Operating System to their customers like Dell etc.!
With the above mentioned Guide, you will Create your own Windows 7 Universal Installer DVD Disk and Activate it very easily.
Note: In case you don’t have a Genuine Product Key for Windows 7 (any version), than you can make use of this Guide for Windows 7 Trial on your Machine (Just skip the 3rd Step above). If you want to purchase Windows 7 License, make use of THIS PAGE
Feel Free to Use the Comment Area below or Contact Us, in case you have any Query/Suggestion pertaining to above Guid
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